Sitting in a Massage Chair for the first time: Part II

Posted on 27 February 2017

Catch Part I here.

Okay … so there I am crying in a massage chair … what’s so special about that, right? What’s so special, is that a machine – a mechanized massage chair, could elicit that intimate emotional response from me. I never imagined such a thing was even possible.

I know what you’re thinking … “But what about the human factor? I like having a massage therapist!” ME TOO! There is no denying that human touch is essential to optimal human health. In fact, a handful of my clients were prescribed, by doctors, to receive massage... And not just for injury recovery or relaxation – but for loneliness. They were literally missing the healing touch and nurturing that only a person could provide.

So, you should absolutely keep your appointments with your therapist. But for optimal health and wellness, supplement your therapist sessions with daily sessions of full body massage with your massage chair.  After all, if both of them improve your health in different ways, why not let them 'synergize' for your benefit? It’s wonderful! You can have your cake and eat it too!

The truth is, your body must learn to receive massage – whether it comes naturally or through struggle. If you supplement your therapy with a chair, your therapist will be able to work deeper and deeper on you as time goes by. This means all the benefits you receive from massage (improved circulation, metabolism, muscle tone, equalized hormone levels, etc.) are no longer engaged intermittently or at the same level … they will become perpetual and their effects, even greater.

My life is changed forever… my privately owned Massage Chair enhances my quality of life daily without inducing an ongoing expense or the need for an appointment. It is as accessible as I make it and its quality of performance is consistent.

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