Massage Therapist vs. Masseuse vs. Massage Chair: Is There a Difference?

Posted on 01 March 2017

Very emphatically I tell you: YES! There is a difference.

Massage Therapist Trained professional in the manipulation of muscle tissue and energies.
Masseuse/Masseur Individual who offers their services to the end of erotic pleasure.
Massage Chair Mechanized device designed to mimic human touch massage in a way that merits similar therapeutic results in health and well-being.


Early on in my massage therapy career (when the US Massage Chair industry was still in it’s infancy) performing only outcall massage to perfect weirdos strangers, I attracted a certain type. These were the type that needed to hear me say in plain English:

“I do not offer happy endings or any variation of a happy ending. I only provide therapeutic massage as permitted by law in the City of Las Vegas.”

Maybe I left out the condescending last sentence but the first 18 months of weeding through potential clients was a challenge nonetheless. 18 months is how long it took before I realized I had to try some new things out, figure out what my process should look like, and stop overlooking red flags when all I really wanted was to gain a new client.

What did I change? I began asking the right questions, I changed my tone, I reached out to women who DID offer the happy ending kind of massage in areas that it WAS illegal and then accepted a commission for every person I sent their way. The result:

  • Happy client found what they were looking for
  • Happy therapist knows how to turn away the wrong clients
  • Happy masseuse who’s receiving more business than ever.


Today, though sometimes I am taken by surprise, I can usually sense what type of massage an individual is most interested in. Interestingly enough, the use of a Massage Chair seems to be of equal value to both types. Go figure!

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