The Role of Massage in Your Life

Posted on 04 April 2017

Massage plays 4 roles which vary from person-to-person, phase-to-phase. Massage has played all 4 roles in my life at one point or another. Truth be told, each one deserves it’s very own post. For this particular excerpt, abridged descriptions shall suffice.

Role Description
Source of Pampering It’s no secret massage feels good but massage can also feel like a treat! In other words – a reward that is not experienced routinely and is thought of as a luxury as opposed to a requirement.
Physical Healing From acute to chronic ailments, multiple studies of massage have uncovered indisputable results of physical healing stemming from the application of various massage modalities.
Emotional Healing Have you ever felt overwhelming grief or loneliness? Think back, did you want a hug, a pat on the back, or even a tousle of your hair? Our bodies need touch, that’s just how it works… Massage can heal hearts and nurture souls.
Fundamental Staple 
of a Healthy Lifestyle
This role is the most rare and requires the most commitment. In my personal network, which consists of massage therapists, athletes, meditators, health coaches, business professionals, nutritionists, stay-at-home-moms, and many more profiles, I see massage being perceived as a staple for most of the most healthy among them.

I’ve listed these in their order of popularity. Of course we can expect this to change over time as American folks become more and more inclined to leverage holistic and homeopathic practices of self-care such as in-home, on-demand, full body chair massage. If massage has EVER played a role in your life that is not listed above… please comment!! I’d love to hear about it and so would my readers :)

Note: Some would argue that I have forgotten one role: Erotic Pleasure…. However, I have not “forgotten” it from the list, rather it doesn’t fit into my list as it is something offered by a “Masseuse” or “Masseur” as opposed to a Massage Therapist or a Massage Chair. (Learn the difference: Massage Therapist vs. Masseuse).

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